However, as sulphur began to be better appreciated for its key role as an essential element for crop and animal nutrition, we began developing products to satisfy these markets, including working closely with our principal manufacturing partner, the National Establishment for Agricultural and Industrial Sulphur (NEAIS), in Saudi Arabia, to launch in particular, the sulphur/bentonite product, Brimstone 90, in a number of markets including UK and Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and Africa.

This allowed us to develop and expand our knowledge and expertise of sulphur nutrition, resulting in us now being able to offer a growing range of elemental sulphur based nutrition products including those in combination with micronutrients, and also for use in animal feed. Recently, we have further expanded our commitment to improving crop nutrition by launching a new sulphur containing NP micro-granular “starter fertiliser” product, Super Start, especially for spring crops, including maize, and oilseed rape, to provide quicker uptake and utilisation of nutrients at the critical establishment phase of the crop. Additionally, we have just launched a sulphur and micronutrients containing NPK, compound fertiliser, Elixir Supreme, suitable for a range of spring crops including vegetables, sugar beet, grassland and amenity turf. Finally we offer a novel and unique range of quality plant bio-stimulants, Bombardier, Mycogel and Rhyzo, already globally established and proven, to assist crops to be more effective at utilising nutrients and to help combat biotic and abiotic stress.

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